“ I currently use Baobab and Moringa in my daily shakes and it gives me the extra boost I need during my day to avoid "hitting the wall" or for my workouts. ”

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Baobab and Moringa

King of the superfruits.
While the baobab (pronounced bey-oh-bab) fruit has been a staple food item in certain parts of Africa for centuries, it remains little-known outside the continent. Loaded with vitamins, minerals and soluble fibre, baobab ranks among the most nutrient-dense fruits on the planet. Its abundance of antioxidants and electrolytes helps reduce energy spikes, fight inflammation, boost collagen production and support a healthy immune system. Available in powdered form, this whole food with a delicious, citrussy flavour is an undeniable superfood champ.


In Moringa we trust.
This nutrient-packed, fibre-rich plant has been valued for generations as a “Miracle Tree” thanks to the remarkable benefits of its dried, ground leaves. The tree itself contains 90+ nutrients and 40+ antioxidants, and all you need to know is that Keevo’s Moringa Powder is made from the plant’s most potent part. More nutrient-dense than kale, moringa powder is a complete vegan protein with a matcha-like flavour that builds up overall well-being, fights inflammation and protects the liver. Did we mention it’s blessed with immune-boosting properties?


What it’s all about


  • Strong immune system
    Rich in vitamin C, the baobab helps your body fight diseases and infections.
  • Energy Galore
    The high concentration of vitamin C and electrolytes in baobab helps sustain your energy levels over a long period of time which improves endurance.
  • Healthy-looking skin
    Vitamin C supports collagen formation, which gives you glowing skin and offsets the appearance of wrinkles. Get glowing!
  • Better iron absorption
    The vitamin C in baobab increases the amount of iron your body can absorb. Now that’s impressive!
  • Reduces hangover symptoms
    Vitamin B1 is key to the functioning of the brain and is beneficial for alcohol drinkers whose bodies are depleted of B vitamins.
  • Curbs cravings
    High in fibre, baobab reduces feelings of hunger and keeps you feeling satiated for a long time.
  • Happy digestive system
    Baobab’s prebiotic dietary fibre improves gut health and prevents bloating and constipation issues.


  • Immune booster
    With its high concentration of iron and vitamins, moringa helps maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Radiant skin and hair
    Packed with skin-loving vitamins and antioxidants (preferred skin food), moringa nourishes skin and hair while preventing premature wrinkles.
  • Strong bones
    Staying away from dairy? Moringa powder will help you hit those calcium goals while maintaining strong and healthy bones.
  • Energy galore
    With its wealth of calcium and iron, moringa gives you an all-natural energy boost while preventing fatigue.
  • Muscle maintenance
    With its 9 essential amino acids, moringa contains an unusually high percentage of protein for a plant, which is great for maintaining and repairing muscle tissue.
  • Smooth digestion
    Moringa’s high calcium and fiber content has a positive impact on digestive enzymes and your body’s ability to convert food into energy.




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Kathleen F.
Canada Canada

Discovered these products through Mama Oracle! I use them on a daily basis in my morning smoothie!! Love love love them!

Joséphine F.
Canada Canada

J`adore celui au Baobab! Je le prends depuis 3 semaines et ce en continu et je vois beaucoup les effets que cela m'apporte. Pour ce qui est du Moringa, j'ai un peu de difficulté avec le goût. Toutefois, mélangé dans un smoothie, on ne le goûte pas trop.

Canada Canada
Both Keevo products have been working brilliantly.

For some time now, I have been searching for an alternative to coffee as an energy source throughout the day. Both Keevo products have been working brilliantly. Coffee leaves me jittery and feeling overstimulated. I used to drink many cups throughout the day, not anymore Keevo gives me all the energy I desire without the side effects of caffeine. My mind stays sharp and ready to tackle the day. I have no idea how they do it, but Keevo has found the best formula and definitely have my business.

Brady S.
Canada Canada
Everything I was looking for and so much more!

This stuff...wow! LOVE the Baobab. LOVE the Moringa. I literally love everything about these products...both the Baobab and Moringa have made such a huge impact in my well being. I've only been taking them for a couple of weeks but the difference in my energy levels and digestion is already so noticeable. I don't usually leave reviews but I really wanted other people to know just how big of an impact these powders have had in my life in such little time. If you are reading this, do yourself a favor and TRY both the Baobab and Moringa (and give it a week or two to start working). Amazing results! Also the packaging looks awesome and looks good on the counter :D

Williamson D.
Canada Canada

Keevo offre une gamme de produit essentiel à ma routine quotidienne. Je les consomme en smoothies ou tout simple avec un vers d'eau. J'adore l'expérience de la marque sur les médias sociaux et la prise de position pour protéger l’environnement rejoint mes valeurs. Tout simplement une marque qui me parle!