About Us

Keevo fundamentally believes that you are what you eat—plain and simple. When you feed on junk, you feel deflated. Eating well not only helps you feel your best but also empowers you to achieve incredible things. And that’s where we come in!

Keevo’s promise is simple: sustained energy, sourced sustainably

We get that time is of the essence and convenience not an option. Our easy-to-prepare (and consume!) plant-based products pack the nutritional punch you need to get through the day, while maintaining optimal physical and mental wellness. We like to describe them as ethically sourced and entirely customizable energy boosts minus the crashes.

Our organic nutrition line includes both ready-to-eat products and supplements. You’ve heard of superfoods, right? Keevo’s selection features some of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, while also boasting solid ethical and environmental credentials. They’ve been prized for centuries around the world, while remaining little known in our neck of the woods.

A passion for our supply chain would be putting it mildly

Think of Keevo as a treasure chest of knowledge, empowerment, energy and vision, all of which are upheld by a 100% organic mindset (Get it? K – E – E – V - O). We’re hungry for self-improvement as we better both the planet and our communities. We work tirelessly with our global partners to ensure not only the highest quality of ingredients, but also full traceability, true transparency, ethical labour practices and sustainable harvests. And we’re committed to support the farming communities we source from.

We care about our planet. We also value your mind, body and time.

That’s the Keevo promise: to help you navigate the modern food landscape so you can be in tip-top shape and unlock your full potential. Keevo makes it possible to check off all nutritional boxes in a nick of time, with our selection of first-rate, plant-centric products, delivered to you in our fully compostable packaging.

Simple, sustainable, portable and flavourful—it’s grab & go done right.