What are the benefits of moringa & baobab?

Superfoods are characterized by having TONS of nutritional benefits. They are super, super, for real!

At KEEVO, we want to make these superfoods accessible to the entire population because they make it easier to meet your daily intake of many essential nutrients that are sometimes neglected, without even knowing it, in your current diet.

What a feat!

These nutrients, let us remember, are important for the proper functioning of your body and for your general well-being.

Take for example the moringa, which is part of our selection of vegan, organic nutritional supplements.

Moringa contains:

2.5 x more protein ...

2 x more calcium ...

2 x more fiber ...

1.7 x more iron ...

... than kale!

As for the baobab, also offered in our KEEVO bundle set, it yields:

... 21 x more fiber than an apple!

... 3.6 x more vitamin C than an orange!

... 1.7 x more potassium than a banana!

Impressed? So are we! :)

In addition, superfoods like moringa and baobab are super versatile. They blend well into the paste mix of energy bars, sprinkle easily in your morning breakfast bowl, and pair deliciously in a smooth latte or foamy tea

Fancy some superlatives in your diet? 

Adopt superfoods and you will find that they make great natural and energizing companions in your daily bustling life. 

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll unveil the many secrets behind our two favorite superfoods.