Veg or Vegan Diet

Diet is a choice driven by social and environmental factors. The choice to go vegetarian or vegan is one that requires preparation, research and professional consultation.

Here are some tips to get you started and encourage you to make a veg or vegan transition.

New bearings

Changing one's diet requires taking new cues at the grocery store. Grocery stores have diversified their selection of products and offer many veg and vegan   choices to meet the changing tastes of their customers.

Take a stroll through the aisles, read the labels, do your research and talk to your merchant who will be able to recommend the best products on the market.

A well thought out plan

Planning is at the heart of a veg and vegan diet. To meet your metabolic nutritional needs and avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies, you need to know what foods to prepare and eat.

The nutrients to watch out for are vitamins B12 and D, omega 3, iron, calcium, zinc and iodine.

It is therefore crucial to have a specialist accompany you during the process in order to know your metabolic situation and get the right supplements.

Have fun

A veg or vegan transition means discovering exciting new foods that become pantry staples: tofu and tempeh prepared in many ways; colorful dried foods (pulses, ancient grains, etc.) and superfoods from fantastic plants and herbs such as the baobab.

These new discoveries will ensure your successful veg or vegan transition for a healthier self and a positive impact on the environment.