Ode to Selfcare - A Year in Resilience

The past year was one where we had to be super careful.

During this time of global upheaval, it makes sense to want to seek comfort by treating yourself and paying little attention to the consequences.

Some new habits make their way into your regular routine regimen:

  • Snacking way too often.

  • Turning into a Homo Netflixus couch potato

In the face of an uncontrollable situation, we had to be resilient and carry on.

That’s not entirely true though. We can in fact have control over our selfcare.

It's okay if you slip once in a while.The important thing is to regain your balance.

Here are some ways to encourage you:

  • Master your sleep: a good night’s sleep will allow you to face tomorrow’s challenges - whatever they may be.

  • Get moving ONCE a day (it’s a minimum!): stretching, going for a walk or run with your favorite podcast, video workouts with your favorite coach. You got this!

  • Count your bad calories - comfort food is okay every now and then, just don't overdo it. Word!

  • Drink smartly - watch your drinking and gamify your water - 5 liters is nothing! - by incorporating natural flavors and fruits, like baobab which has a tangy lemony taste.

Tough love is real love - don’t mess with your selfcare.

Happy Spring y’all!