Keevo and Keto : the Perfect Duo

Eliminating sugar and opting for fatty foods is easy, right? Wrong!

The ketogenic (or keto) diet requires special attention, especially if you have a health condition. Talk to your doctor or consult a nutritionist before embarking on a new regimen that can have dire consequences on your metabolism.

Like any popular diet, the main tenet of the keto diet is cutting back on a specific group of foods: reducing by 75% your daily intake of carbohydrates .

This requirement is no small feat and involves thorough preparation and planning to help you stick to your commitment and achieve the goals you have set for yourself.


A key element to think about when going on a keto diet is cutting back on fruits, which are packed with sugar, but finding your daily fiber intake elsewhere. Cuz, you know, nobody likes to be constipated...

Several high fiber alternatives are available to choose from: nuts, cauliflower, seeds, spinach, etc.

With its slightly fruity taste, our royal baobab is also a good choice: thirst-quenching and rich in fiber, it rhymes well with keto to help you stay on track.