Fear Not ... Moringa to the Rescue!

When ground, moringa leaves yield a green powder with a textured and creamy taste reminiscent of matcha. This Keevoian supplement is packed with powerful nutrients to help you get through winter, work, and the demands of your busy schedule: protein, iron and antioxidants.

With 25% more protein than kale, moringa is a perfect companion to ensure and maintain your muscles and growth. Popeye can call it a day! 

With twice as much more than any other green vegetable, moringa packs a lot of iron which helps strengthen your immune system and prevent infections or diseases. 

What about the antioxidants? These great nutrients prevent and repair cellular damage caused by age (yes, you guessed right, it’s anti-aging!). In addition, they protect against the effects of stress on the body - just like an anti-rust agent, only natural!

How to incorporate moringa into your daily life? Check out our blog for recipe ideas. 

Whether it is in the morning, during lunchtime, or in the evening, moringa is simply extra good for you!

Wait no more and jump right in!

Power on,

The KEEVO Team.