Bow Down to the Mighty Baobab


Fiber is...

… good for the stomach’s health (true say!)

… a fail-proof insurance against snack cravings by slowing your digestion;

Vitamin C is…

… a natural shield for the body and the immune system (bring it on, germs!);

... a defense barrier for your bones and teeth (bust a move and smile!);

… a radiance generator for the skin (watch out Insta!).

Potassium protects and regulates the heart and the blood system.

Impressive stuff, right?

Superfoods in the form of organic powdered supplements such as the Keevo Baobab go well with any of your tasty food or drink recipes whether they are sweet, salty, bitter, etc.

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More tasty and unique recipe ideas will be shared soon.

Next week, we'll talk about our second favorite and oh-so-potent superfood.

Power On,